Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family Heirlooms

When I was little my Yaya (Greek grandmother) gave me a small chair that had belonged to my dad when he was little. If I remember correctly this chair was from Greece and she wanted me to have it. It survived being used for many different things and has since been used by each of my boys.

Well, now it is in the room of Jackson Nicholas (named after said father) and he has taken to dragging it around the house for many different reasons. He occasionally sits in it but mainly I have found him using it to access a number of things too high for him to reach. The funny thing is I really believe that is exactly what my father probably used it for too!

Look out Coach Saban...

Here come the Phillips' brothers. The University of Alabama has been blessed in the past with many brothers that have all put on the Crimson and White. You may well remember the Goodes, the Castilles, and others. Well, we here at the Phillips' household are doing our part to continue the winning tradition of Alabama football. It may be a few years and we have a little bit to learn but as you can see, we are on our way!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day of School

And once again it begins again. The school year is underway and another year is flying by. Trent is enjoying his year so far in third grade with Mrs. Roberts as his teacher.

We are working on multiplication tables already and I am having flashbacks of sitting in our living room in Birmingham with Mom telling me, "I see you counting on those fingers, you better stop that!". Well, Mom, I don't have to use those fingers anymore! Thanks!

Brayden is loving kindergarten in Mrs. Strickland's room (or as Brayden says, Mrs. Strick-a-lin). He is learning his blends and has already been star of the day.

Jackson is still at Mimi's but has been learning how to climb on furniture, mainly to get closer to the light switches. His little personality is shining through and he is a little ham. The idea that at least one of our kids would be a quiet one is long gone! Jackson loves to be outside and would stay out there all day if we would let him.

As far as my class goes, we are still adjusting to each other but they seem to be a great group of kids. I am looking forward to watching them bond and grow as the year goes by.

I think as a teacher I see how quickly time goes by so it makes me dread a new year a little. But it is so fun to see the boys growing and learning.