Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jackson on the Move

Jackson still isn't officially walking but he is definitely getting around. Here is a quick little video showing him when he found his bathtub in the hallway after I took it out so Brayden could get a bath. He had a blast.

State Champs

This weekend we went down to Lakeland, Florida, to watch our varsity girls basketball team play in the state finals for the third year in a row. The past two years we have walked away as the runner up but this year the third time was the charm. It was so exciting to finally watch them get that trophy. Tom was there but wasn't in the picture because he was on the floor handing out the medals and securtiy guard was forcing us to leave the bleachers. Afterwards we took the boys picture with their "sister" Sam Phillips, who has them convinced that she is related to us. Ah, well, when you live with all boys you take any girls you can get! Way to go girls!!!

It's all about the "blondes"!

I had to share this. Brayden came walking in today with a ribbon across his eyes and said, "Look, mom, I'm blonde." After asking him again and receiving the same answer I asked him what that means. He simply said, "You don't know where you are going!" I think that's all I need to say.

Valentine's Day

Well, it was a great day all around. The power went out all over the city for most of the morning - which was when I had a short break and had planned to grab Tom's balloons and deliver them with his gift I had fortunately bought the day before. Luckily I had cash so I was able to buy them since the credit card machines weren't working. After delivering them I had enough time to run by Brayden's room for his party and do the "mom" thing. Basically, that means putting fruit and cupcakes on plates and pass them out. Then I wisked away back to my class for the rest of our morning and finally ended the school day with our party. I must say that while I enjoy Valentine's Day as a whole, as a teacher it provides more stress than any other day. The party, the passing out of Valentine's, not to mention it just screams to each child that they must bring their teachers all sorts of things. From the boxes of assorted chocolate to the bright pink poofy poodle I received this year that says I love you on it. Now for a family with girls in it I would probably just bring it home and pass it on to the children, but strange as it seems, my children don't want the fuzzy things. Ah, well, to end another great Valentine's day Jackson took his first steps. We were so excited since it seemed that he would be crawling across the stage to receive his high school diploma! Way to finish out the day, buddy!