Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Decorating - Kid Style

Not much time for blogging but had to put this in. The boys were very enthusiastic about helping with the tree this year.  I am definitely taking advantage of that while it lasts.  Jackson would have been happy leaving with just the lights but the older two were all about getting it decorated. Trent was very methodical and careful while Brayden wanted to see how many could hang from one branch. The result...

The 3 in anticipation!November2008 051 

 November2008 058

Brayden so proud of how many he squeezed in there!

November2008 059

When they got done and went off to other things, I had to tweak it just a little...

The Final Result.November2008 073

Other decorations.November2008 062

So I guess it's safe to say bring on the Holly!!!


Tammy said...

Who's Holly??? Just kidding.

It looks beautiful and way to go, Brayden!

Yaya said...

WOW!! What an awesome tree!! You did a great job boys!!Looking forward to seeing you soon.