Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

Hello out there. You may not remember me. I am the sort of blogging sister of the Mother of all Bloggers, my Greek Grits sister. Anywhoo, for all 5 of my readers you probably have noticed that I have fallen off the face of the earth for the past few months. It has been an interesting time for the Phillips family. On February 10th, our home was broken into and everything of monetary value was taken. Yes, even my old computer with my pictures on it. Thankfully, my wonderful father in law had just moved most of our things onto an external hard drive over Christmas...thanks, Dad! We have spent the past couple months getting our lives back together. The Lord has truly been speaking to us in many ways of this time. We both realized that we weren't worried by the things that were taken. They were simply that...things. We also have learned that God provides for his people. We have been truly blessed by others and their kindness and generosity. Our church family truly blessed us and so many people have offered their services and other things. I can't say how much a home-cooked meal given to us the day after this happened meant to us. We felt as if our world had been turned upside down and someone knew that the best thing they could do for us was to give us the normalcy that at that time seemed out of our reach. The boys took a few weeks to get back to normal and even now they make sure that the new alarm is set and the doors are locked. We have all lost something but I know that we have truly seen the provision of the Lord. Thank you for your prayers.

On another topic, life itself has not stopped for us. The biggest thing that has been going on has been the Elementary school play that I direct each year. This year was exciting because Trent was finally old enough to be in it. The play was called "Twinderella" and it was a hysterical comedy about Cinderella and her twin brother Bob who lives in another part of the kingdom with his Evil stepfamily. It was great! Trent got the part of Lou the UPS guy. He did great. I am sad to say that I was so busy directing there was no time to take "mommy pictures". I have had several parents send me some of theirs and I am grateful for that. We had two performances this year and it's a good thing, for opening night found several kinks that needed to be worked out. But Friday night went just as it should have. My sister Tonya got to come down for the performance which was great. I will leave you now with some pictures of the performance. Check out that handsome UPS guy. He might have a future!!!