Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just plain cute!

Nothing really to blog...just thought these were adorable pictures of Jackson. Since he wasn't really in the previous blog just wanted to include him!

I'm Back! (Month in Review)

OK, I know it has been about a month since my last post. It has been very busy and I have just let it go. So I am going to squeeze a month of Phillips' happenings into one blog.

First of all, one of my favorite things has to be our "grown up" table. Tom and I have had the same table since we first got married and it's country style just has gotten to be a little...well...1994-ish. It does have sentimental value with Trent's name indented on it. So with an unexpected stipend from my elementary drama we were able to get the table of my dreams. So with a flourish it's goodbye to the past...

and hello to the table we will be passing onto our children one day.

Don't worry our old table is still in the family. Tom's dad took it with him to Knoxville, so we will be seeing it again!

Next came Brayden's birthday. My sweet Brayden turned 5 years old! Five has always seemed so old to me. He is getting so big so quickly but is very much like me when he says that he doesn't want to grow up. That's perfectly fine, baby, you can stay with mama forever!! When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, Brayden's answer was simple - Zoinks, McDonalds, and Dairy Queen! A boy after my own heart! So we invited 2 friends (yes, they are both girls but what the heck! And when asked about it Brayden's response was a quick "I don't cay-r!") We spent an evening at Zoinks! A fun, filled bouncy place that is exactly up Brayden's alley!

After that it was off to McDonald's for nuggets and fries!

Then we topped the evening off at Dairy Queen with Slushies and Dilly Bars!

What a night to remember!

Two weeks later of course it was Trent's birthday number 8! Again, is it possible that 8 years ago this tiny little guy is the same one that fills up my entire lap today?

He is still the sweetest, tender hearted little guy I know! Trent also chose two friends to celebrate with. Since they were both boys they were able to come and spend the night. The boys spent the night playing video games and watching movies.

Again the chosen places of celebration -- McDonalds and Dairy Queen. We should really enjoy these days before they hear about Outback and Olive Garden!! Since all of the boys had early baseball games it was a short party but they made the most of it staying up until 2am!

Grandpa and Aunt Caroline came down this weekend to celebrate both boys birthdays! We surprised them both by giving them a Wii.

They were thrilled and we spent most of the weekend figuring out the games and Tom and I realized how many muscles we hadn't used in many, many years!! I know my sister is right now saying to herself that she wishes I would go ahead and hook it up to the internet...slow down sister...I'm blogging aren't I?

We also just finished up our baseball season. Both boys had their last games Saturday and Brayden had his end of the season party tonight. They both had a great season and we could definitely tell how much they learned by the end of the season. We had two great coaches and look forward to next year(but more so we look forward to sleeping in on Saturdays!!

Now we are pressing on to the end of another school year. I can't believe that Trent will be moving on to third grade and Brayden will be in kindergarten. Time is moving so fast! But for now I am blogged up and looking forward to the summer. I plan to enjoy every minute of it!!